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First let me thank everyone who took the time to write us about their claims, situations, and satisfaction of our services. It's because of these people, you have a place to read about what we can offer you. If you happen to speak with any of them... You should thank them for sharing as well.

Look, "It Is What It Is!" We have worked claims and appraisals for both insurance companies and policyholders. If you desire a true and accurate claim appraisal and an accurate "amount of loss," associated with the claim damages... then feel free to contact us. However, if you are looking to take advantage of one side or the other, please do not waste either of our time and call someone else.

Please note; this page and the increased amounts retained for clients is not intended to degrade insurance companies. We do not increase claim estimates to try to extract more money from insurance companies. Our goal is to obtain a fair an equitable settlement, based upon "covered" damages. Our mission is to have the insurance company pay for what they owe on the claim... no more, no less!

(Dozens More Will Be Added Shortly)

D & L Sadler, NC Wind Claim
Insurance Comp Offer: $35,500.00
Final Appraisal Settlement: $247,581.00
Increased Dollar Value: +$212,081.00
Total Increase of: 597.41%

[SUMMARY] Auto dealership affected by Tornado. Insured invoked appraisal clause.

(Waiting on testimonial)

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B & A Rausch Fire Claim
Insurance Comp Offer: $52,525.91
Final Appraisal Settlement: $275,500.25
Increased Dollar Value: +$222,974.34
Total Increase of: 424.50%

[SUMMARY] Multifamily dwelling (4 apartments) was undergoing remodeling. After one unit was 90% completed an electrical fire from the first floor kitchen blazed through the second floor into the attic.


We thank you very much for helping us through the process with our fire claim. We finally finalized the claim and closed on the new house this last Friday. Attached are a few pictures.

The rental property that caught fire was donated to Habitat for Humanity and they are tearing down the house to rebuild at their expense since the did not have to purchase the property. I am glad how this worked out. We will even have a nice tax write off.

Win, Win!

Thank you Thank you!!

Anne Rausch

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B & D Smith, NC Wind Claim
Insurance Comp Offer: $3,631.39
Final Appraisal Settlement: $24,026.88
Increased Dollar Value: +$20,395.49
Total Increase of: 561.64%

[SUMMARY] Beach home affected by Nor'eastern storm off the coast of NC. Insured invoked appraisal clause after receiving a low-ball estimate from insurance company.

Dear Mr Brennan:

I am happy to share the following statement...

You should never be intimidated by an insurance company that attempt to settle your claim for less than it is worth. Consult your policy and find the provision concerning the process for challenging a settlement offer and then call Joe Brennan. From the minute I spoke to him I knew that we would have a positive result. His knowledge and experience were invaluable. He guided us through the process making excellent suggestions at each step and the result was a settlement that nearly matches our contractor's estimate and is literally twelve (12) times what the insurance company offered. I will always be glad that we decided NOT to settle and instead consulted Joe Brennan at Insurance Claims Group.

Diane M. Smith

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R L Jansen, OH Wind Claim
Insurance Comp Offer: $350 Minimum Repair
Final Appraisal Settlement: $7,115.01
Increased Dollar Value: +$6,765.01
Total Increase of: 1932.86%

[SUMMARY] Roof appeared to suffer minimal damage from Hurricane Ike winds that ran through Ohio. Insured invoked appraisal clause after insurance company offered a $350 minimum roof repair.

Dear Joe,

Received the check from the insurance company the middle of last week. Accompanying this mailing is my check to you for appraisal services as provided in our contract and in satisfaction of your Invoice dated May 1, 2010. I send this correspondence together with a sincere deep appreciation for the exceptional work which you performed for our family. We could not be any happier with the outcome of the appraisal process.

At the time of my initial telephone contact with you several months ago, I was feeling deep frustration in pursuing my roofing claim against our insurer. It was evident to me that I was in need of an experienced appraiser with an extensive background in the construction and roofing industries. I feel very fortunate in having located you via the internet. Your approach was thorough, directed, and highly effective in gaining the positive result which both of us desired.

My wife and I join in thanking you for the professional way in which you pursued our claim and the excellent results obtained.

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L & C Gibson, MD Water Damage Claim
Insurance Comp Offer: $6,250
Final Appraisal Settlement: $33,064.11
Increased Dollar Value: +$26,814.11
Total Increase of: 429.02%

[SUMMARY] Toilet overflowed in second floor bath spreading "fecal matter," and sewage down through walls, floors, and ceiling into first floor and basement. Insured invoked appraisal clause after receiving a low-ball estimate from insurance company.


I just wanted to drop you a line and say how grateful we are that we found you online. We had a black water flood from our second floor bathroom through the dining room, into the first floor bath and then seeped into the basement family room. Our insurance Co. (*******) came out three different times to do an appraisal on the damage, max we would have gotten was $6,000.00.

They were still far off from any estimate from a construction company to do the work. Then we found this little clause in our insurance policy that nobody told us about, "Our right to Appraisal" that's when we found Joe and just took over.

He not only took control of our claim with the insurance co. but guided us through the process. In the end he got us over $33,000.00 now we can complete the work on our home the right way not the half *** way.

We got our last check today. Case closed. Yea baby. It pays to read the fine print of your ins. policy and the right person handling our case.

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.
Larry and Colleen Gibson

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LA Department of Insurance
Louisiana Dept. of Ins.
Thank You Letter:
Barry Ward
LA Department of Insurance
Chief Attorney

[SUMMARY] The Chief Attorney of the Louisiana Department of Insurance, Barry Ward, sent this letter thanking Joe Brennan of Insurance Claims Group, Inc. for consulting him on the intricacies of the Insurance Appraisal Process.

"Joe, I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for spending an hour on the phone with me discussing the intricacies of the appraisal process clause typically found in a homeowner policy. As I stated, although seen in virtually every such policy, there seems to be little in depth knowledge about the actual appraisal process itself.

I feel much more informed after having spoken with you and this is to let you know that I will be taking you up on your offer to call again if I have any other questions."



Professional Umpire
Neil Reynolds -Umpire, CA.
Insurance Consulting
Professionalism Letter:
Neil Reynolds
Insurance Umpire

[SUMMARY] Joe Brennan of Insurance Claims Group, Inc. was selected as an independent Appraiser by Pacific Specialty Insurance. An umpire candidate that was submitted by the insured's Appraiser, Leon Lamprecht, submitted a letter to Mr. Brennan in recognition of his knowledge and professionalism during the Insurance Appraisal Process.

"I truly appreciated your knowledgeable and straight forward work toward a fair and equitable resolution of the appraisal.

" recent years the appraisal process has become increasingly adversarial, often times with the inclusion of attorneys, and without due interest in being of service to the parties or accuracy in analysis of the loss.

Consequently, it was a particular pleasure to work with you and Mr. Fraraccio. Your cordiality and your professional interest in assuring that the interests of both parties were correctly represented in the appraisal award was exceptional."
Neil Reynolds, AIA See Actual Letter Back To Top

Dozens More To Come Soon


Feel free to Contact Us for any type on Insurance Claim Help you may need. We will answer all your questions, provide a review of your current claim, and let you know exactly where you stand... ALL AT NO COST TO YOU - All of this is part of your FREE CONSULTATION.

As Insurance Claims Adjusters we have inspected and closed thousands of daily and catastrophe claims for insurance companies, as well as provided and negotiated replacement costs and repair damage analysis for restoration contractors and policyholders.

Joe Brennan is President and owner/operator of Insurance Claims Group, Inc., a national independent adjusting, appraisal, and umpiring firm. Joe has been in the property loss business for more than 24 years. His loss experience began as a contractor / builder, which included water and fire damage restoration repair services. After 20 years of insurance restoration estimating and repair experience, Mr. Brennan became a licensed independent insurance claims adjuster. Joe has maintained his IICRC Certification in both Fire and Water Restoration and also maintains active adjuster licenses in 10 states. Throughout his career, he has handled many multi-million dollar losses, both commercial and residential. The amount of combined experience and knowledge of new construction, damage repairs, and insurance claims handling has advanced his ability to act as a Dispute Appraiser for Insurance Claim Dispute, as well as Insurance Appraisal Umpire. Mr. Brennan is highly educated with the insurance appraisal clause, the insurance appraisal process, and has acted as an insurance claim dispute appraiser and appraisal umpire on dozens of claims.

Insurance Claim Damages... It Is What It Is!

Our philosophy is simple... IT IS WHAT IT IS. We believe that if resulting damages to property covered by an insurance policy can be repaired then it should be repaired. However, as per the policy, if the property cannot be repaired it must be replaced. Simply put, the damage... IS WHAT IT IS! In many cases, insurance companies and policyholders can become unreasonable on what can be repaired or what should be replaced. The repair or replacement must be real, the work and materials used should be replaced with that of materials of like - kind - and quality, and the work should be completed by a professional and competent repair contractor. Again, the damage IS WHAT IT IS.

If drywall damaged by a small smoke claim can be cleaned, sealed, and painted; then that is what should be done. If the building suffered a large fire with heavy smoke damage and items require replacement; they should be replaced. It should be that simple. Not sure if we mentioned this but... THE DAMAGE - IT IS WHAT IT IS!

Insurance Claim & Appraisal Services!

The Insurance Claims Group, Inc. can answer insurance claim related questions and provide advice and assistance for insurance claim damages that are a result of fire, smoke, wind, water, flood damage, hail, theft, hurricane, and even denied claims. The following is a list of professional services we provide:

  • Appraisal Umpire: In the event that a policyholder or the insurance company invoke the appraisal clause the two independent appraisers must choose an umpire. Most policies require that the two appraisers must select and agree upon an Appraisal Umpire within 15 days of the two appraisers being named. The chosen Appraisal Umpire must be an impartial, unbiased, and disinterested party in the outcome of the appraisal award. Our extensive experience with building repairs and the insurance appraisal process qualifies us as a choice above all to act as an Insurance Appraisal Umpire to resolve insurance claim disputes. [More..]

  • Independent Appraiser for Insurance Appraisal Clause: The Appraisal Clause can be invoked by either the insurance company or policyholder. The Appraisal Process is to resolve disputes only. To resolve such disputes, each party must choose an independent appraiser. An independent appraiser is an individual that is hired to resolve insurance claim disputes. Insurance Claims Group, Inc. exceeds in their knowledge of the appraisal process and is available to represent the facts of the loss on your behalf. [More...]

  • Insurance Claim Estimate: We provide inspection and complete insurance claim damage estimates for policyholders of homes and businesses, insurance attorneys, repair contractors, and insurance companies. [More...]

  • Insurance Appraisal & Estimating Assistance: In some cases contractors, attorneys, or appraisers may need assistance in preparing a defense for their claim. They may have questions or need advise on some parts of the estimate or damage. We provide consulting and evaluation assistance for any part of a claim you may require answers for. If we can't answer your questions we can refer you to someone who can. [More...]

  • Claims Consultation: Many times policyholders and contractors are unsure if damages are covered, if there are coverage limits, or find themselves overwhelmed with the complexity of the insurance claim process. In some cases the insurance companies may use industry terms or insurance lingo that can be confusing. We provide information on the insurance claims process, policy interpretation, estimates and estimating, as well as the insurance appraisal process, and umpire services. Educate yourself and understand how to obtain the correct settlement for your home and business insurance claims. [More...]

  • Insurance Replacement Cost Valuation: Is your home properly insured? Do you have enough coverage to replace your home or building after a loss. Finding out that you are under insured after a large fire, flood, or hurricane can be devastating. We will provide an inspection of your home or building, take photographs, and provide a fully detailed replacement cost estimate. You can then make an educated decision on how much coverage you need for your property. Not too little, and not too much. [More...]

We provide Insurance Appraisal Services in North Carolina (NC), South Carolina (SC), Georgia (GA), Florida (FL), Alabama (AL), Mississippi (MS), Louisiana (LA), Texas (TX), Virginia (VA), Maryland (MD), Delaware (DE), Washington DC, Pennsylvania (PA), New Jersey (NJ), New York (NY), Connecticut (CT), Rhode Island (RI), Massachusetts (MA), Ohio (OH), West Virginia (WV), Kentucky (KY), Tennessee (TN), Indiana (IN), Illinois (IL), Michigan (MI), Wisconsin (WI), Minnesota (MN), Iowa (IA), Nebraska (NE), Colorado (CO), Kansas (KS), Missouri (MO), and Oklahoma (OK). So, please feel free to gather information from our services and articles, or jump right in with any questions you may have by submitting on our insurance questions and answers page. We are here to help in any way we can.


Joseph P. Brennan
Independent Claims Adjuster,
Insurance Appraisal Expert,
Appraisal Umpire

Feel free to Contact Us for any type on Insurance Claims Help you may need. We will answer all your questions, provide a review of your current claim, and let you know exactly where you stand... ALL AT NO COST TO YOU - All of this is part of your FREE CONSULTATION.

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Joe Brennan

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